Raffia Raw Trade Leads

Buy Offer > April 14 2014
LDPE HDPE Raw Material Paid
We are Tunisian manufacturer of plastic bags and we are looking for suppliers of LDPE HDPE raw material. Please send your best offers.

Sell Offer > April 7 2014
PET Strapping Board Extrusion Machinery
We offer PET strapping board machinery.
Qingdao Xinquan Plastic Machinery Co. China Email:- Send Mail

Sell Offer > April 2 2014
PET Bottle ABS Scrap Paid
We have 100 to 200 m/t of PET bottle and ABS scrap in our yard now ready for shipment please contact us for more details.

Sell Offer > April 2 2014
EPS Block PA 6 Scrap Paid
We have 100 to 200 m/t of PA 6 scrap and EPS block for sale.

Buy Offer > April 2 2014
LDPE Injection Grade Granules Paid
We are a production unit for insulation material, looking for LDPE injection grade granules, virgin and recycled in white color.

Sell Offer > March 24 2014
Nylon Fabric Scraps Paid
We want to sell Nylon (synthetic fabric) in a form of a waste, received from sewing production of one world-famous factory.

Sell Offer > March 24 2014
PE Outer Wrap For Tissue And Towel Overwrap
We offer PE outer wrap for packing toilet, facial and pocket tissue, paper kitchen towels, and paper table napkins.
INDEVCO Sal. Lebanon Email:- Send Mail

Buy Offer > March 24 2014
Virgin LDPE Granules Paid
We have requirement for the following : 1,000 tonnes per month : Virgin LDPE granules (good quality) for film blowing

Buy Offer > March 19 2014
Virgin HDPE Film Grade Granules Paid
We would like to order for virgin HDPE prime film grade granules in bulk quantity

Buy Offer > March 18 2014
Virgin Grey PVC Scrap Paid
We are looking for : Grade: 8 PHR virgin grey UPVC plumbing pipes PVC scrap(flakes or granules). Quantity 10 to 20 tonnes a month.

Sell Offer > March 18 2014
Printed PET Film Scrap Paid
We offer printed scrap of PET film on reels x 40 MT p/month. Photos, prices and spec sheet on request.
United Kingdom

Sell Offer > March 18 2014
Used Air Bubble Torninova Alpha Marathon Lines
Later model Torninova and Alpha Marathon used air bubble extrusion lines available for sale.
Plastic Machinery United Kingdom Email:- Send Mail

Buy Offer > March 14 2014
BOPP Dana Black Natural Paid
Please quote price for black and natural (yellow color based or natural) BOPP grade dana only 100% BOPP 4000 KG per month.

Buy Offer > March 14 2014
PP PE Colored Plastic Bottle Scrap Paid
We are looking for PP/PE colored plastic bottle scrap suppliers in bulk quantity on a regular basis.

Sell Offer > March 14 2014
Plastic Regenerated PP PS PA Materials
We offer Regenerated raw materials, such as PP PS PA materials.
Romcarbon Romania Email:- Send Mail

Raffia Ra Manufacturer & Suppliers

Gujarat Machinery    (Manufacturer Exporter )
Raffia Tape Plant, Plastic Sheet Machine, HIPS Sheets Machine, PP Sheets Machine, PVC Pipe Plant, HDPE Pipe Plant, Plastic Pipe Machine, PVC HDPE Pipe Machinery, Blown Film Machine, Thermoforming Machinery, Injection Moulding Machinery, Hydraulic Baling Press, Hydraulic Roll Reforming Machine, Wide Width Lamination Plant, Tarpaulin Lamination Plant, Woven Bags Lamination Machine
City: Ahmedabad. State: Gujarat. Country: India Phone: 91-79-25830043 Email: Send Mail

Himar Fabrics & Pkg Pvt Ltd    (Manufacturer Exporter )
PP Mats Machinery, PP Chatai Machinery, PP Mats Machine, PP Chatai Machine, PP Woven Sacks Plant, PP Woven Sacks Machine, PP Woven Bags Machine, Circular Weaving Machines, Circular Looms, Raffia Yarn Lines, Raffia Tape Machine, Raffia Tape Plant, PP Drinking Straw, Polypropylene Straw, Flexographic Printing Machine, Plastic Woven Carpet, Jacquard Looms, Plastic Mat Extruder, Plastic Mats, Plastic Floor Covering, Plastic Woven Carpets
City: Mumbai State: Maharashtra Country: India Phone: 91-22-25001578 / 25000242 Email: Send Mail

Konark Plastomech Pvt. Ltd    (Manufacturer Exporter )
PP TQ Film Plants, LD Blown Film Machine, HDPE Blown Film Machine, LLDPE Blown Film Plants, PVC Pipe Plant, HDPE Pipe Machine, PP Straw Making Machine, PVC Compounding Mixers, PVC Pelletizing Machine, PE Pelletizing Machine, PVC Reprocessing Machine, PE Reprocessing Machine, Air Bubble Sheet Machines, Three Layer Film Equipment, Multi Layer Film Line, Polymer Pencil Machines, Net Making Machinery, Synthetic String Plant, Sutli Plant, Thermoplastic Extrusion Plant, Air Bubble Film Machine, Blown Film Plant, Raffia Tape Plant, Compounding Machine
City: Ahmedabad State: Gujarat Country: India Phone: 91-79-22891670 / 22890874 Email: Send Mail

Lohia Starlinger Ltd    (Manufacturer Exporter )
PP Woven Fabric Making Machine, HDPE Woven Fabric Making Machine, PP Woven Fabric Machine, HDPE Woven Fabric Machine, PP Bag Making Machine, PP Woven Bag Making Machine, PP Woven Bag Machine, HDPE Bag Machine, Tape Stretching Line, Tape Stretching Machine, Tape Plant, Cheese Winder, Circular Weaving Machinery, Circular Weaving Machine, PP Multifilament Spin Draw Wind Extrusion Machines, Recycling Machine, PP Multifilament Machine, Tape Winders, Bag Conversion Machine, Circular Looms, Carpet Backing Machine. Lamination Machines, Bag Making Machines, Sack Making Machines, FIBC Making Machines, Tarpaulin Making Machines
City: Kanpur State: Uttar Pradesh Country: India Phone: 91-512-3045100 Email: Send Mail

Smitabh Intercon Limited    (Manufacturer Exporter )
HDPE TShirt Bags, TShirt Bags on Roll, Butcher Bags, Plastic Aprons, LDPE Zip Lock Bags, Polypropylene Raffia Sacks, PP Flexible Straws, PP Bags With Adhesive Tapes, BOPP Bags With Adhesive Tapes
City: Kolkata State: West Bengal Country: India Phone: 91-33-22474932 / 22402358 Email: Send Mail

Al-Nazwah Office for Trade ( Exporter )
PVC, PP, UPVC Pipes, PP, PVC Raffia, Packaging Strips
City: Riyadh State: Riyadh Country: Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-2913702 Email: Send Mail

Bao Hing Co., Ltd ( Exporter )
Plastics Raffia Bags, Poyethylene Bags
City: Ho Chi Minh State: Hcm Country: Viet Nam Phone: 84908279222 Email: Send Mail

Cin-Chai Industrial Co., Ltd. (Manufacturer )
PE Tying Tape, PP Cable Yarn, PP Tapes, String, Raffia
City: Tainan Hsien State: Taiwan Country: Taiwan Phone: 886-6-2700171 Email: Send Mail

El- Sherbini (Manufacturer )
HDPE & LDPEF Film & Injection LLDPE PP injection, Raffia PP Grade Reprocessed / Recycled Granules / Pallets
City: Alexandria State: Alexandria Country: Egypt Phone: 0020106366818 Email: Send Mail

EL-Kady & EL-Sherbiny ( Exporter )
Raffia PP, HDPE, LDPE, PP Linear And Agricultural Greenhouse Film In Rolls
City: Alexandria State: Alexandria Country: Egypt Phone: 0020106366818 Email: Send Mail

Golden Factory (Manufacturer )
PP Ropes & HDPE Ropes And Net Threads Raffia & Webbing
City: Aleppo State: Syria Country: Syria Phone: 963-21-5213424 Email: Send Mail

Hercules Petroco Group Inc. (Manufacturer Exporter )
Homopolymer Plastic Resins including Both Raffia Yarn & Injection Grades
City: New York State: New York Country: United States Phone: 1-212-899-5560 Email: Send Mail

Independent Petroleum Distribution ( Trader )
Polyethylene Polypropylene PP Raffia Woven Bags, Big Bags, Jumbo Bags
City: Semikler State: Izmir Country: Turkey Phone: 902323372877 Email: Send Mail

Lexon Winders (Manufacturer )
High Speed Cheese Winders For Raffia Tapes
City: Pune State: Maharashtra Country: India Phone: +912024389040 Email: Send Mail

M.N.Panchal & Company (Manufacturer )
Blown Film Machines, Sheet Plant, Pipe plants, Raffia Tape Plants, Lamination Machinery
City: Ahmedabad State: Gujarat Country: India Phone: 91-79-2870204 Email: Send Mail

Neptune Plastic Industries (Manufacturer )
Plastic Extrusion Lines of HDPE, Drip Pipe, HDPE, PP Film Making Machinery, Raffia, Filaments Plant
City: Kolkata State: West Bengal Country: India Phone: 91-33-22482351 Email: Send Mail

Preethi Industries (Manufacturer )
HDPE, PP, LDPE Raffia Granules
City: Hyderabad State: Andrapradesh Country: India Phone: 04064648210 Email: Send Mail

Qingdao Stellar Trade Co.,Ltd (Manufacturer )
PP / PE Raffia ( Plastic Woven )
City: Qingdao State: Shangdong Country: China Phone: 86-532-3612069 Email: Send Mail

Shivalik Industries (Manufacturer )
Compounds For Raffia Tape, HM Bags, Liners, Blow Moulding, TI02 Filled, UV & Masterbatches
City: Rakanpur State: Gujarat Country: India Phone: +9179652213 Email: Send Mail

Shree Krishna Industries (Manufacturer )
Raffia Tape Plant, Paper Lamination Plant, Mixer, Extruder
City: Ahmedabad State: Gujarat Country: India Phone: 917925892119 Email: Send Mail

Sri Bhavani Plastics (Manufacturer )
Plastic Tapes From Recycled Raffia (PP)
City: Vijayawada State: Andhra Pradesh Country: India Phone: 91 866 2535977 Email: Send Mail

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