Tworzywa Sztuczne

Recycler of Plastic Scrap Such As HDPE, PET, PMMA, PC, PCV And Producing Reprocessed Granules

Address:- Chelminska 11,
City:- Lisewo - 86-230
State - Country:- Chelmno Poland
Phone:- 48566767037
Email:- Send Mail

Tworzywa Sztuczne - Similar Companies

National Business Agency ( Port Louis, Mauritius )
Infusion Set, Transfusion Blood Sets, Dispensing Tablets

Yangzhou Haixin Textile Machinery Co Ltd ( Yangzhou, China )
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Plastic Turnkey Project, Plastic Molds, Reverse-Engineering

Packaging Products Company ( Mumbai, India )
Collar Bands, Butterfly, Stay, Polybag

Mohanam ( Trivandrum, India )
PET Bottles, PET Bottles Caps

PRD Engineering ( Cape Town, South Africa )
Plastic Cutlery

Teknika Plast ( Manisa, Turkey )
Plastic Pails, Disposible Plastic Crystal Cups, Battery Cases, Wet Ground Plastic

Muhammad Abkar Est ( Makkah, Saudi Arabia )
PET Bottles In Bales, PET Bottles Flakes, PET Bottles Scrap

Plastprent HF ( Reykjavik, Iceland )
Flexible Films, Flexible Bags

Om International ( Mumbai, India )
HDPE Pipes, PP Pipes, PVC Pipes, HDPE Pipes Fittings, PP Pipes Fittings, PVC Pipes Fittings, HDPE Sheets, PP Sheets, PVC Sheets, HDPE Valves, PP Valves, PVC Valves, Welding Equipments, Welding Rods

PMC-China ( Nanjing, China )
Plastic APET Containers

Fuwei Films (Shandong) Co., Ltd ( Weifang, China )

Shenzhen Dalong Packing Machinery ( Shenzhen, China )
PE Shrink Film Packing Machines

Al-Ameen Exporters ( Mumbai, India )
Blown Film Plants, HDPE Film Plants, LDPE Film Plants, LLDPE Film Plants, PP Film Plants, Pipe Plants, Tube Plants, HDPE Pipe Plants, PVC Pipe Plants, PP Pipe Plants, LDPE Pipe Plants, HDPE Tube Plants, PVC Tube Plants, PP Tube Plants, LDPE Tube Plants, Blow Molding Machines, Recycling Machines, Sheet Plants, Injection Molding Machine, Box Strapping Machines, Casing Caping Machines, Extruders, Shrink Tunnel Machine, Shrinking Machine, Thermoforming Machines, Vaccum Machines, PP Bags Machines, Shopping Bags Machines, Drinking Straw Making Machinery, Drinking Tube Making Machinery, Drinking Pens Making Machinery

FD Plastic ( Tainan, Taiwan )
Foldable LDPE Water Carrier

Guangzhou Tragot Packaging Co., Ltd ( Guangzhou, China )
Blister Cups, Blister Bowls, Blister Food Boxes, Trays Containers

The Sonthalia Group ( Kolkata, India )
Plastic Molded Products, Disposable Bags, Plastic Shopping Bags

Changzhou Dali Plastics Machinery ( Changzhou, China )
Plastic Film Coating Machines, Compound Films Making Machinery

Ucel Kalip ( Istanbul, Turkey )
Shoes Sole Molds

Polymold Products ( Mumbai, India )
HDPE Pipes, PP Pipes, HDPE Fittings, PP Fittings

C H One Enterprise ( Petaling Jaya, Malaysia )
Reprocessed ABS Materials

Koltex ( Kolbuszowa, Poland )
PP Yarn Fibrilated

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Synthesis Nylon

Neptune Plastic Industries ( Kolkata, India )
Plastic Extrusion Lines, HDPE Film Making Machinery, PP Film Making Machinery

Elegant Melamine Tableware Industry ( Gujranwala, Pakistan )
Melamine Dishes, Melamine Bowls, Serving Trays, Serving Plates

Kivi Markings ( Mumbai, India )
Liquid Photopolymer Resin, Substrate Sheets, Base Films

Hangzhou Changhe Plastics Com ( Hangzhou, China )
PP Woven Bags, Laminated Bags, Jumbo Bags

Falcon Pack ( Sharjah, United Arab Emirates )
Cling Films, Sandwich Bags, Disposable Plastic Cups

Double Elephant Micro Fibre ( Shanghai, China )
PU Flocking, PVC Flocking, PVC Films

Redall Manufacturing ( Pretoria, South Africa )
High Frequency Welding Of PVC And Tarpaulins

A&L International ( Taichung, Taiwan )
Rigd PVC Scraps

P B Enterprise ( Kolhapur, India )
PET Flakes Unwashed Washed

Best Die Chem ( Delhi, India )
Recycled Nylon 6 & Nylon 66 Materials

Bells International ( Lahore, Pakistan )
New Plastics Machinery, New Plastics Equipments, Used Plastics Machinery, Used Plastics Equipments

Ekbatan Ltd ( Kermanshah, Iran )
PE Pipes

Sejin Trading ( Gongju, South Korea )
PE Recycled Granules, PE Recycled Materials

Ningbo Yinzhou Tiansi Plastic Factory ( Ningbo, China )
PP Bottles, Salad Bowls, Food Containers

Guangzhou Wensui Plastic Machine Co.,Ld ( Guangzhou, China )
Granulators Mixers, Dryers Mixers, Chillers Mixers, Color Mixers

Sakaria Plastic Industries ( Karachi, Pakistan )
Plastic Disposable Prodcuts, Plastic Disposable Cups, Plastic Disposable Tryas, Plastic Disposable Plastes, Plastic Disposable Bowls

Tak Shing ( Hong Kong, Hong Kong )
Recycling Plastics Materials, PS Scrap, POMMA Scrap, PC Scrap, ABS Scrap, PE Scrap, PP Scrap

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