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Buy > PP Ropes On Plastic Reels Paid India
We required PP virgin ropes 6mm, 3 strand, 200 yards on plastic reels, = 1000 reels. Please quote your best offer for supply the same at JNPT Mumbai or ex factory.

Buy > LDPE Post Industrial Empty Bags Paid Israel
I have a recycling plant.I am looking for empty granulte bags 25 kg. Also looking for LDPE colored scrap post industrial. We recycle 350 mt tons every month. Please send us pictures and price quote.

Buy > PP Woven Sheet PP Woven Sacks Paid Netherlands
We want PP Woven Sheets and PP woven sacks in bulk quantity.

Buy > PVC Pipe Fittings Moulds Paid Pakistan
We are interested in purchasing moulds for PVC pipe fittings such as t-joints, elbows, connectors and cross joints. We do not mind used or old as long as it has not been over 100,000 cycles.

Sell > Used Nessei PET Bottle Making Plant United Arab Emirates
We want to sell Compelete Used Nessei ASB - PF6-2B PET Bottle Making Plant. Complete sets of PET bottle machines of from A to Z, with 4 extra mold from 500 ML to 2000 ML. with two label machine imported from Japan. Like a new machine for only 130,000 US$.

Buy > Plastic Lunch Box Making Machine Paid Fiji
We are looking to buy plastic lunch box making machine. Please quote best price for injection moulding machinery.

Sell > Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat China
We are a big and reliable manufacturer of fiberglass raw materials and FRP products related chemicals. Mainly we produce fiberglass chopped strand mat, woven roving, fiberglass mesh , surface tissue mat, roving for spray up / pultrusion /csm/smc etc.

Sell > PET Bottle Recycling Line China
We offer PET Bottle Recycling Line. The PET bottle recycling line is used to recycle the post-consumer PET bottles. The key point is to remove the contanimation as much as we can. According to our years of experience in this industry(20 years in PET bottle washing and 15 years in PSF fiber manufacture from recycled PET bottle flakes), we know the different characters of the contanimations inside and outside the bottles. The end product of the flakes contaminations is less than 100PPM. It can be used to PSF fiber, POY, Sheet and containers.

Sell > Rubber Gaskets Rubber Washer Rubber Buffer China
We can provide various kind of rubber parts such as rubber washer, rubber gasket, rubber buffer, rubber hose etc. We can also make the appointed specification goods according to your requirement. The material include NBR, SI, Viton, EPDM, PU etc.

Sell > HDPE Pipe Fitting China
We supply HDPE Pipe, Fittings, Butt Fusion Welding Machine from 20mm OD to 1600mm OD.

Buy > Nylon Fishnet Yarn India
We require Nylon fishnet yarn as per following specification Nylon 210 D, 24 filament fishnet yarn, Min. GPD - 7-8 CIF Kolkatta, India. Please send the specification and price offer.

Sell > Wooden Pallets Wood Crates Boxes India
We manufacture various types of wooden pallets, boxes and crates. We also deal in pre-cut timber and provide packaging services for the local and export market. Our company is well known for our experience in designing all kinds of pallets, boxes and crates according to the needs of our customers. Pallets are therefore made to the customer's exact specifications. A variety of configurations are available At PALLET INDIA Industries we Chemically treat wooden pallets in order to avoid termites and fungus thus adding the strength and durability to our pallets. We believe in supplying the best quality products and delivery in time to our customers at competitive prices.

Buy > Laser Printer Film Paid Malaysia
We would like to get a quotation and some samples on laser printer film (similar to transparency paper) meant for printing using laser printer.

Buy > Jumbo Woven Bags Paid Libya
Please send us an offer for 1000 jumbo bags for thePVC powder transportation. Please send the offer CIF tripoli libya.

Sell > EPS Recycling System China
We offer EPS recycling system crusher, de-duster & mixer model: ESHS-1250 Capacity: 30 m3/h Total Power: 25 kw Max. Contour Dimensions: 1480* 1380 *1520mm 1820 *500 *1300mm 2100 *750 *1100mm Approx. Weight: 2000kg Picture(s) & standard dimensions only for reference. Can be customized to order crusher to break EPS scrapes de-duster to separate dust form crushed beads mixer to mix recycled & fresh beads with certain ratio cost saving as well as environment protection.

Buy > LDPE Bottle Cutting Machine Paid India
We need a machine which convert(cuts)LDPE bottles in to nos. of pieces. Output 100-200 Kg/hour.

Buy > PP Woven Bags Paid India
We are wholeseller of PP woven bags across India. We supply bags in rice mills and sugar mills. We need quote for thes same.

Buy > Plastic Doors Profiles Machine Paid Sri Lanka
We need to purchase machines for producing plastic doors or profiles from mixed waste plastics such as PP, HDPE, LDPE etc. We want quote best price for machine.

Buy > Rigid PVC Pipe Plant Paid India
We are planning to establish rigid PVC pipe plant. We want twin screw barrel machine for producing 65mm to 110mm dia pipes. Please co-operate with us by sending the Quotations for the following 1) Rate of Plant and Other manufactures 2) Availability of Raw Materials & its price (PVC k65) 3) Project Report &Technical know how.! 4) Market survey of the product & future of the projects. 5) Low grade manufacturing purpose, price of raw materials (scrape PVC).

Sell > Used Engel ES1050 Machine South Korea
We offer used Engel machine ES1050/300hl (300 Ton) Year 2003 For Sale. Clamping force : 300 ton. Screw diameter : 50mm.

Buy > Second Acrylic Sheets Paid India
We want second acrylic sheets of size 180cm x105cm x 30mm, Qty required is 1100 sheets

Buy > Repro Nylon 6 Granules Paid India
We require 5 tons of repro nylon 6 granules urgently expected price -aroud 60 per kg

Buy > Reprocesed PP LLDPE HMHDPE Granules Paid India
We want reprocessed PP LLDPE HMHDPE film grade granules. Please send minimum rates along with supply capacity and other terms and conditions.

Buy > BOPP Film For Lamination Paid Philippines
Please send me best prices for BOPP film for lamination 1) clear- 15 microns and 2) matte - 18 microns, class a, treating side - both sides.

Sell > Plastic Vacuum Metallization Coating Machine China
We offer Plastic Vacuum Metallization Coating Machine. The plastic vacuum coating equipment adopts the resistance heating in the vacuum chamber, to melt and vaporize the metal wire (aluminum wire) cling to the resistance wire. The vaporized metal molecule deposit on the substrates, to gain the smooth film as well as high reflectivity. Thus the surface of the items can be decorated and beautified. Characteristic: reasonable structure, even film, good-quality film forming, quick pumping speed, the cycle of short, high efficiency and easy operation, low energy consumption and performance advantages of stability.


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